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SPRING WIND – Harp Concert with Katryna Tan & KL Harp Friends

8 Sep 2023

A breeze comes past me singing, and a white cloud slow is swinging,
Like a poppy that is parting from a slider hidden stem.
And September dear returning, wakes anew the old, old yearning.
~ Excerpt from Spring Wind Poem by Frank Samuel Williamson

Catch internationally acclaimed harpist Katryna Tan in Kuala Lumpur in a harp recital this September. Katryna Tan is a leading voice for the harp in South East Asia and has been in the forefront of creative harp projects and building the harp community in the region. Be mesmerised by a program of her favourite harp classics as well as nanyang-influenced repertoire for the harp.

Joining her will be budding young harpists from Rave Harps KL, Cempaka Harp Ensemble and The Music Stage, presenting a repertoire of solo, chamber and ensemble pieces. This concert will also feature guests harpists Jaz Tan, Dan Siew Yee, Yap Zhe Zhen, Jessica Ng & Jia Hui Loh.

Revel in the symphony of harp sound and be transported to a world of beauty and wonder with “Spring Wind”.

Date: 8th Sept 2023, Friday
Time: 7.30pm
Location: The Gardens Theatre (Level 6, The Garden Mall, Mid-Valley City)
Tickets: Available .
Spring Wind

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SPRING WIND – Harp Concert with Katryna Tan & Penang Rave Harpers

10 Sep 2023

A breeze comes past me singing, and a white cloud slow is swinging,
Like a poppy that is parting from a slider hidden stem.
And September dear returning, wakes anew the old, old yearning.
~ Excerpt from Spring Wind Poem by Frank Samuel Williamson

Catch internationally acclaimed Harpist Katryna Tan in Penang in a Harp Recital this September. Katryna Tan is a leading voice for the harp in South East Asia and has been in the forefront of creative harp projects and building the harp community in the region. Be mesmerised by a program of her favourite harp classics as well as Nanyang influenced repertoire for the harp.
Joining her will be budding young harpists from Penang Rave Harpers presenting a repertoire of solo, chamber and ensemble pieces.
This concert will also feature guests harpists Su Yoong & Jia Hui Loh.

Revel in the symphony of harp sound and be transported to a world of beauty and wonder with “Spring Wind”.
This concert is organised in collaboration with LIONS CLUB OF PRAI CENTRAL in benefit of “Little Yellow Flower Foundation” & “Penang Orchestra”
Date: 10th Sept 2023, Sunday
Time: 3.30pm
Venue: Eastern & Oriental Ballroom, Macallister Ballroom
Tickets: Available here
Spring Wind

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Les Jeudis De La HARPE

19-20 January 2023

ONLINE CONCERT presented by Camac Harps

Thursday 19 January 2023 7:30pm (France Time)
Friday 20 January 2023 2:30am (Singapore Time)




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New Zealand Harp Festival

4-7 February 2023

Sunday 5th February 7:30pm, DILWORTH CHAPEL


Tuesday 7th February 9-12pm, Scott Lawrie Gallery, Mt Eden, Auckland.

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Enter the World of Harp with Katryna Tan

2 August 2020

Time     ~  4:15 – 5:30pm
Venue  ~  Online Event

More information here.

Do you dream of playing the harp? Enter the World of Harp with Katryna Tan

Come and gain insight into the World of Harp through her eyes. Katryna Tan is a Professional Concert Harpist and also a passionate harp educator. She has nurtured and shared her harp passion with hundreds of students and trained many young professionals. Author to “Unleash the Musician in you”, Katryna also shares her experience of teaching through other harp pedagogy books.  Join her in this seminar and find out about  the magical world of the harp. [Read more about Katryna Tan]

There will be a Q&A session with the opportunity to ask Ms Katryna what you have always wanted to know about this magnificent instrument! An event not to be missed, suitable for Parents, adults and children interested in learning more about the harp (Singapore and Malaysia).

REGISTER HERE (Limited Slots)

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AUSTRALIA Masterclass & Concerts

March 6-9

Harp Island 2020

Organised by the Harp Society of Tasmania, Katryna will be conducting masterclass is this year’s Harp Island 2020  at the Aspect Tamar Valley Resort from 6th to 9th March.


(1) Devonport Concert with Katryna Tan

Date: March 10, 7pm

(2) Emu Valley Rhododendron Garden

Date: March 11, 2pm

Venue: Function Room, 55 Breffny Road, Romaine 7320

Contact: 03-64331805



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5 Sep 2019

Katryna Tan & Winners of RH Prestige Award Chamber  Competition 

Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio
Organiser: Singapore Harpfest (
Tickets: or any Sistic Outlets

In this Opening Concert of HarpFest VI, Katryna Tan, 2015 Young Artist Award Winner will perform works by Singapore composers. This will include the Singapore premier of Eric Watson’s Harp Concerto and feature works by Phang Kok Jun. The program will highlight unique works influenced by Nanyang themes, performed on the Western Harp. This concert will also star the 2019 Rave Harps Prestige Award Chamber Winners! This prestigious competition focuses on youth and celebrates their music journey.

HarpFest Concert

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2 June 2019

Time: 6pm
Venue: Francisco Santiago Hall, Phillipines
Tickets: Enquire with Hans at 0927-2101354

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HARP WEEKEND Masterclass with Katryna Tan

27-29 April 2019

Venue: Jakarta

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Sensing the Dark: A journey of sound without sight

26 – 29 May 2018

Sat: 7.30pm
Sun: 3pm* & 7.30pm
Mon: 7.30pm*
Tue: 3pm* & 7.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatre Studio
Duration: 50 mins (no intermission)
Tickets from:

Description: A sonic, musical experience…in the dark! This one-of-a-kind sensory experience features live music and vocals ethereal journey of original music and familiar favourites such as Angel by Sarah McLachlan, The Sound of Silence by Simon And Garfunkel and Robert Schumann’s Traumerei.

Mindful and life-affirming, Sensing the Dark explores the darkness as a rejuvenative space, grounding you firmly in the present and the now, away from the constant bombardment of information in our daily lives. Put together by a team of veteran Singapore artists led by composer and music director Julian Wong.

Music & show direction – Julian Wong
Vocal direction – Irene Jansen
Sound design – Sandra Tay & Shah Tahir
Lighting design – Alberta Wileo
Performers – Katryna Tan, Rizal Sanip, Feri Susanto, Rit Xu, Ryan Sim, Leslie Tay, Remah Diamante, Rohaniah Bte Said, Hannah Nordin, Ashley Gerard Perry, Malcolm Lim


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Harp of the Orient 3

24 June 2018, Friday

TIME: 3pm
Venue: Four Points Sheraton Hotel, Pinang Ballroom (Penang, Malaysia)
Tickets: RM 40
Tickets from:

Description: Enjoy an afternoon of Harp music. HARP OF THE ORIENT 3 is the biggest harp gathering yet in Penang, Malaysia. Enjoy harp solos, Harp ensemble (from 2 to more than 20 harps playing together!). Led by artistic Director Katryna Tan, it will be a spectacular Harp event not to be missed.Penang Harpers, Penang’s own Harp ensemble who has performed internationally in France and Hong Kong will be featured performing a unique piece specially commissioned for this concert. The concert will also feature show cases by Faculty (Dan Siew Yee ,Desiree YapRita SariCheryl Tan ,Ching Shen Chiew ,Enrica Aps & Su Yoong) and participants from Harp Retreat 2018.

More than 50 harpists performing in Penang! Guest appearance by Ms Katryna Tan (Artistic Director, Concert Harpist), Ms Cindy Yan (Violin) and Ms Natasha Liu (Cello).

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25 May 2018, Friday

TIME: 7:30pm—9pm
Venue: THE ARTS HOUSE, Living Room (Singapore)
Tickets: $15
Tickets from:

Description: 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and Singapore. A Tale of Two Cities is a musical bridge that encapsulates the relationship, presenting works by renowned Spanish composers such as Albania, Guridi and Moreno Torroba.

Katryna Tan, Harp
Roberto Alvarez, Flute
Kseniia Vokhmianina, Piano

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VCH Organ Series: In Every Corner Sing

8 April 2018, Sunday

TIME: 4 pm
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall (Singapore)
Tickets: Free Admission
For more information:

Description: Dubbed the Grand Dame of Singapore’s organ scene, Margaret Chen joins forces with the Singapore Bible College Community Choir, Canticorum, in a spiritual undertaking helmed by esteemed choral conductor Joel Navarro. Set to sacred verses, Vaughan William’s Five Mystical Songs is a visionary work that climaxes in a triumphant hymn of praise, a salutation to and celebration of music, paving the way for Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms. A harmony of Jewish and Christian elements, the work itself is an embodiment of peace and hope. The piece is written for Organ, Choir, Harp and Percussion. This inspiring programme will leave you with renewed faith, in all ways it matters to you.

Margaret Chen, organ
Joel Navarro, conductor
Singapore Bible College
Community Choir, Canticorum
Katryna Tan, harp
Lim Meng Keh, percussion

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Musical: PLUCK & the Magical Banyan Tree

25 June 2017

Sold our shows in 2012 & 2015,Pluck the fairy protector of music returns for another exciting adventure.
Something is amiss in the Harp Kingdom of Enchantia – people are forgetting how to make music, and Pluck must find out why. Helped by her fairy friends – MEL, BEATBOX & HARMONIA, Pluck embarks on a journey through time to find the Magical Banyan Tree.
Come help her rescue Music before it is completely forgotten.

(Tickets available
(2) HONG KONG PERFORMANCE: 13 JULY 2017 @ Hong Kong Performing Arts Centre (Jockey Amphitheatre)
(Tickets from

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Step into the World of Harp

7 May 2017 & 4 June 2017

Leading up to the PLUCK Musical Performance (June 25), Artistic Director and Producer Katryna Tan shares with public more about being a harpist in Singapore. Join for a fun afternoon of getting to know the harp and the director behind the first Harp musical in the world.

7 May 2017 (Woodlands Regional Library), 2pm
4 June 2017 (Jurong Regional Library), 2pm
Admission : Free and no registration required.
For more information:

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Harp Retreat

JUNE 10-12, 2016

First adult harp retreat for total new beginners, and adult harpists of all skill levels. A unique intensive weekend directed by inspirational harp teacher Katryna Tan. For more information:

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Asia Harp Festival
(Seoul, KOREA)

June 4, 2016

Katryna performs in closing concert of Asia Harp Festival in Korea with other Asia Leading Harpists Shannon Chieh, Jung Kwak and Mieko Inoue. Katryna will perform Water Dance (Katryna) and a world premiere of Tache (Phang Kok Jun), a specially commissioned harp solo.

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Harp Masterclass in Indonesia
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

April 1-3, 2016

Katryna is invited as Guest Master Teacher to Heidi Awuy’s Harp School. For more information:

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Harp Island 2016
(Tasmania, Australia)

March 11-14, 2016

Katryna is invited as HARP TUTOR to the annual Harp Island event in Tasmania. The 3 days of masterclass and individual lessons will close with a Concert. For more information:

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PLUCK & The Magic Banyan Tree

September 4, 2015

With SOLD OUT  shows in 2012, PLUCK returns in 2015 with a new Adventure. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW to the only HARP MUSICAL in the World! Featuring some of Singapore’s wonderful soloists. Tickets from SISTIC.

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La Noche (The Night)
(Adelaide, Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney – Australia)

June 2015

The Night brings the new heights to the well loved combination of harp and flute with an evening of World Premieres.

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Song of the Breeze (Chanson De Le Brise)

April 19, 2015

Spanish Flautist Roberto Alvarez (Singapore Symphony Orchestra) and harpist Katryna Tan (Singapore NAC Young Artist Award winner) join forces once again to bring you an event of fantastic music to celebrate Spring in a unique venue, the Chijmes Hall.

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Unleash the Musician in You

January 18, 2014

Join inspirational musician and author Katryna Tan on a workshop to free the music student from frustration and struggles in your music journey. Katryna will teach you the winning psychology behind successful music students with strategies to make music learning effective and fun.

Time: 18 January 2014, 2-4pm
Venue: Flamingo Hotel by the Beach
For Registration: Tel 04-2264814 or email,

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Dance of an Angel

August 12, 2012

Katryna Tan, Cindy Yan, Natasha Liu, Ramu Thiruyanam – I-Sis Trio CD: Passion – Esplanade Recital Studio August 11 2012

Esplanade Recital Studio, August 12, Sunday, 7:30pm

In celebration of 10 years of harp performance in Singapore, Katryna Tan presents Dance of An Angel, showcasing entrancing music from some of her favourite classical composers.

In Dance of An Angel, Katryna unveils the dark, passionate, sensual and sometimes playful nature of the harp. Experience the mystical beauty of harp music in a performance woven around themes such as Encounter with the Angel, Love Song, In a Spanish Garden, Sentimental Reflections, Dances from the Island and Passion. Hear soul-stirring pieces such as Andres’ Les Ilets, Dances from the Islands, which features harp and percussion, and passionate tangos by Piazzolla. Katryna will also perform works by Piazzolla, Ravel, Debussy, Liszt, Scarlatti, Bernard Andres and Rodrigo.

This performance will feature Ramu Thiruyanam (percussion), Cindy Yan (violin) and Natasha Liu (cello).

Venue: Recital Studio, Esplanade
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: $35
Concessions for students, NSF and senior citizens: $25
Tickets available from

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La Noche – Roberto Alvarez (Flute), Katryna Tan (Harp)

19 September 2011

21st Century Music for Flute and Harp

Recital Studio, Esplanade, 19 September 2011, 7:30pm

Night is the other half of life, and the better half.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

La Noche (The Night) brings new heights to the well loved combination of harp and flute with an evening of World Premieres.

Featuring works by SINGAPORE composers Robert Casteels, Ho Chee Kong, Chen Zhangyi and SPANISH composers Ignacio Rodríguez Guerra, Miguel Prida, Fernando Agüeria, Jorge Muñiz and María Dolores Malumbres.

Venue: Recital Studio, Esplanade
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: $30
Concessions for students: 15% Discount
Tickets available from

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A Sumptuous Dining Experience With I-Sis Trio

August 19, 2011

Caffé B, 19 August, Friday, 7pm

Launch of I-Sis CD: Passion

I-SIS TRIO’S music has been described as the new wave of classical chamber music. The trio’s music are specially commissioned and carefully arranged to reflect the combination of traditional art form with contemporary interpretation of various forms of music like Tango, Jazz, and Asian. The unique collaboration – between members Cindy Yan (violin), Natasha Liu (cello) and Katryna Tan (harp) – has resulted in an exciting synergy apparent with every performance they give.

S$150 (Inclusive of I-Sis Passion CD)
RSVP, Limited seats
Tel: +65 6222 2329

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Pingat Setiawan Tuanku Muhriz

January 14, 2011

Katryna Tan being conferred the Pingat Setiawan Tuanku Muhriz (S.T.M.)

Ms Katryna Tan has been conferred the Pingat Setiawan Tuanku Muhriz (S.T.M.) by Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus Tuanku Muhriz Ibni Almarhum Tuanku Munawir

DK., DMN., DK (Perak)., DK (Perlis)., DK (Selangor)., DK (Kedah)., DK (Kelantan)., DKYR., PPT
on the Occasion of His Royal Highness’ 63rd Birthday
on 14 January 2011 (9 Safar 1432H)

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Constellations in Harmony

November 11, 2010

Constellations in Harmony – An Artistic Harp Recital

Recital Studio, Esplanade, 11 November 2010, 7:30pm

Re-discover the mystery beyond the constellations in our night skies in an artistic harp recital engaging sight, sound and spiritual experience. Young Artist Award winner Katryna Tan brings to life constellation love myths with the harp.

The Northern Crown (Corona Borealis) tells the love story of Greek goddess Ariadne. This is portrayed by Canadian composer Murray Schafer’s Crown of Ariadne, written for solo harp, with percussion. The harpist engages in elaborate gestures with the percussion instruments and performs with ankle bells- suggesting the multiple role of dancer, performer and musician.

In Eastern mythology, the legend of constellations Aquila and Lyra is well-known. Katryna unfolds the story of 牛郎织女 or The Herd-boy and Weaver Girl in a World Premiere work written for Harp with Flute, Violin and Cello by composer Ananda Sukarlan (Indonesia). This new commission continues Katryna’s passion and interest in Asian and contemporary music. Guest musicians are Roberto Alvarez (Flute), Cindy Yan (Violin) & Natasha Liu (Cello),

This artistic recital will also feature music by Singaporean composer Ho Chee Kong and works by Carlos Salzedo – known also as father of modern harp playing. Arts works of Indraboy bin Sarkasi will also be featured in the concert.

Venue: Recital Studio, Esplanade
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: $30
Concessions for students: 15% Discount
Tickets available from

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HarpFest III Concert

September 4, 2010

Cempaka International Ladies’ College, Malaysia – September 4 2010, 8pm

Venue: Cempaka International Ladies’ College, Malaysia
For Tickets contact:

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Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto

May 19, 2010

Yong Siew Toh Convservatory Hall, 15 May 2010, 7:30pm

Venue: Yong Siew Toh Convservatory Hall
Time: 7:30pm

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Italian Music through the Ages

November 19, 2009

Esplanade Recital Studio, 15 November 2009, Sunday, 7:30pm

After the previous concert programme “French Music through the Ages” by Elena Metodieva – piano and Darin Varbanov – violin, this new recital brings them together with the brilliant harpist Katryna Tan for an exploration of the Italian Musical Art.

The musicians present works by the Italian composers, whose music encompasses the differing styles from Baroque to Contemporary and fills one with the sense of charming melodiousness and humanism of the Italian Music.

The concert programme includes well-known composers, such as Antonio Vivaldi (Sonata in A Minor for Violin and Piano) or Nicolo Paganini (Caprice for Solo Violin No24 and Sonatina in E for Violin and Guitar*), as well as other works by Mauro Giuliani (Grand Sonata for Violin and Guitar*) or Ottorino Respighi (Siciliana for Harp and Sonata in B Minor for Violin and Piano), rather performed sporadically, although they are genuine masterpieces of the Italian instrumental Music.

Katryna Tan was awarded the prestigious national Young Artist Award 2005 by the National Arts Council of Singapore holds a Masters of Music degree in Harp Performance from the University of Michigan, USA. She is based in Singapore and is a very active solo performer.

Elena Metodieva graduated from The Academy of Music, Sofia, Bulgaria, with a Master Degree in Piano. She held the position of Assistant Professor in chamber music and piano at The State Academy of Music and The National Academy of Theatre and Cinema in Sofia, Bulgaria. Presently, she teaches piano at Musical Art Studio and the School of the Arts, Singapore.

Darin Varbanov graduated from The Academy of Music, Sofia, Bulgaria, where he obtained his Master Degree. He was awarded First Prize at the Cleveland Inter-Tie Competition in Middlesbrough, England, with the violin quartet “Violino”. He teaches the Violin at Musical Art Studio and the School of the Arts, Singapore.

More info: Sistic
Admission: $25

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con brio … with I-Sis Trio

May 13, 2009

Recital Studio, Esplanade, 13 May 2009, 7:30pm

Venue: Recital Studio, Esplanade
Time: 7:30pm
Tickets: available from from March 13th 2009

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Swing Shift

March 15, 2009

Swing Shift by I-Sis Trio
UCC Dance Studio, NUS, 15 March 2009, 8pm

NUS ArtsFest 2009

I-Sis Trio breathes new life into classical chamber music with their unique combination of 55 strings, all with three voices of Harp, Violin and Cello. Reputable classical musicians in the music scene, Katryna Tan (Harp), Cindy Yan (Violin) and Natasha Liu (Cello) will ‘shift’ your mindset about chamber music in this century. Performing contemporary music with the influence of past and present time elements like jazz, neo-classical, tango etc. and special commissioned arrangements including works by American composer Michael Duff. I-Sis Trio will show you – music is FUN!

More info:

Admission: $10
For tickets please contact Betty Lee at 6516 5278 or

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Haarp Jazzed

October 25, 2008

Harp Jazzed – I-Sis Trio performs!
Arts House, Chamber, 25 October 2008, 8pm

Jakez Francois, Cindy Yan, Katryna Tan and Natasha Junyan Liu

Double bill performance not to be missed!
Cindy Yan (violin), Katryna Tan (harp) & Natasha Junyan Liu (cello) is the newly formed girl power harp trio! The ladies will whisk you off your seats with their repertoire that features some finger snapping music and a dash of classical favourites.

Then, discover a new frontier of Jazz on Harp with Jakez Francois (France) and Singapore’s own Percussionist, Tama Goh and bassist, Tony Makarome…

More info:

Admission: $40 (15% discount for students)
For tickets please contact The Art House:
TICKETING Hotline: (+65) 6332 6919

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Concerto! Concerto! Concerto!

October 24, 2008

Concerto! Concerto! Concerto! – Harp Fest Opening Concert
Victoria Concert Hall, 24 October 2008, 8pm

Isabelle Moretti (France) and Katryna Tan (Singapore) together with The Philharmonic Orchestra led by Lim Yau, opens this year’s Harp Festival with an array of Harp concertos.

For the first time in Singapore, Isabelle and Katryna will feature a double harp concerto by Parish Alvars. They will also be performing Boieldieu’s Harp Concerto in C and Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez.

More info:

$45, $30 (15% discount for students)
Tickets available from SISTIC
Hotline: 6348 5555
On-line Booking:

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Harp in French Music

June 3, 2008

Dewan Sri Pinang Auditorium, 3 June 2008

Katryna Tan & the PESSOC Orchestra presents Boieldieu Harp Concerto in C.

For more information, go to

For ticketing information, please contact the PESSOC Administrator (email:

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May 9, 2008

My Own Series presents Beautiful Moments
Arts House, Singapore, 9 May 2008

Natasha Junyan Liu & Katryna Tan
Buffet dinner at 7.30pm; Performance at 8.30pm
Tickets @ $48 for dinner & performance

MOMENTS – Cellos and Harp CD

Beautiful Moments are almost always lost amid the frenzy of our everyday life. However, would it not be wonderful if we reminded ourselves to treasure the moment, to fully feel the moment and experience the wonderful sense of being? Experience an evening of living in the moment with Natasha Junyan Liu and Katryna Tan. Launching their first CD together, Natasha and Katryna bring to life art songs through the voices of the cello and harp as you savor the last of your dinner. Let Debussy

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March 2, 2008

Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore 2 March 2008

Katryna Tan, Natasha Junyan Liu and Roberto Alvarez
Sunday, 7.30pm

Ankle bells, crotales, cymbals, wood blocks… How do these fit into a harp solo piece? Join us at HARPercussion to find out!

In this concert, Katryna Tan will play the unusual role of harpist and percussionist simultaneously while depicting the myth of Theseus and Ariadne in a suite of dances written by Canadian composer Murray Schafer.

Then revel in combinations of harp, cello and flute. Cellist Natasha Junyan Liu and Spanish flutist Roberto Alvarez will join Katryna in a presentation of well-loved contemporary works by Francis de Bourguignon, Lowell Liebermann and J.M. Damase.

Katryna Tan, a 2005 Young Artist Award-winner, was the artistic director of the first Singapore Harp Festival in 2006. Roberto Alvarez has received international prizes such as the Diploma of Honour at the Torneo Internazionale di Musica and Concurso Intenacional “Ciudad de Manresa”, and performed with renowned conductors and soloists. Natasha Junyan Liu, a two-time Cavatina Chamber Prize-winner, has been featured in numerous albums, film recordings and the BBC Electric Proms.

70mins, no intermission

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Christmas Concert with Singapore Lyric Opera

December 20, 2007

20 Dec 2007, 7PM
Esplanade, Singapore

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Harp Rave 4: A Classical Affair

November 25, 2007

Esplanade Recital Studio

Sunday, 25th November 2007, 7:30pm
Tickets: Sistic

Join Rave Harpers in their fourth appearance in concert and revel in the marvelous soundscapes of multiple harps!

Rave Harpers led by Young Artist Award (2005) recipient, Katryna Tan, has previously performed in Harp Rave I (2004), Harp On Christmas (2005), and in Singapore’s first Harp Fest 2006.

Harp Rave 4 will feature classical pieces brought to you by talented and promising young harpists. Besides highlights that include music from the Nutcracker Suite by Tchaikovsky, Rave Harpers will also have fun with ragtime music on the harp.

Be prepared to tap your feet and snap your fingers as they deliver Gershwin’s I’ve Got Rhythm!

Check Esplanade’s website for more info

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An Afternoon of Harp

October 14, 2007

Malaysia-German Society Presents: An Afternoon of Harp
Harp Recital and Workshop, Penang 14 October 2007

Opens: 2:30pm, Starts: 3:00pm
Komtar Level5, Auditorium A

For information and inquiries please contact:
Malaysian-German Society: 04-229 6853
Mr. Lai Kong Loke: 012-474 0832

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Pedals & Pipes Christmas Concert

October 14, 2007

14 Oct 2007, 7PM
Esplanade, Singapore

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Harp Workshop

October 13, 2007

Everybody can Play the Harp
Harp Workshop, Penang 13 October 2007

Malaysia-German Society
250B Jln Air Itam, 10460 Pulau Penang
2pm – 3:30pm

Admission: RM20

Mr. Lai Kong Loke
012-474 0832


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Embassy Series

September 27, 2007

29 Sep 2007, 2PM
Embassy of Singapore, USA

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Harp Contemporary

January 25, 2007

Harp Contemporary – An Evening with Katryna Tan

The Young Musicians’ Society was formed in 1969 under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education to promote ensemble musicmaking among the youth of Singapore.

25th January 2007, Thursday
Esplanade Recital Studio

Young Musician

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Ceremony of Carols with the King’s College Choir

December 18, 2006

18 Dec 2006, 7PM
Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

Ceremony of Carols
Katryna with the King

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All About Harps

September 1, 2006

All About Harps, with Katryna Tan
1 September 2006, Harp Recital, 8:30pm
2 September 2006, Casual Concert / Talk, 11am
2 September 2006, Harp Recital, 8:30pm
Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPac), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tickets: Please visit or call +6 03-40479000

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Beautiful Sunday – Harp Rave

January 9, 2005

Katryna and the Harpers

9 January 2005 (Sun), 3pm
Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore

Feast your eyes on a stage full of harps! A harp orchestra brings you a delightful afternoon of harp music. Katryna and her harp ensemble will enchant you with a wide variety of music ranging from much-loved classics like Waltz of Flowers, popular Irish tunes, traditional local melodies, jazzy harp tunes among many other favourites.

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Christmas concerts

December 2, 2004

When bells start to jingle in the December City

2 Dec 2004, 8PM
Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore

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Harp Solo Recital

November 14, 2004

Harp Solo Recital in Sydney, Australia
Organised by: NSW Harp SocietyDate: 14 November 2004
Venue: Government House, Macquarie Street, Sydney
Time: 6pm

Contact for tickets
Ms Karen Hickmott
Tel: 61-2-94364156

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Harp, Harp and Harps!!

August 23-25, 2004

Katryna Tan and the Harp ensemble
Concourse, Esplanade
23-25 August 2004
7:30-8pm, 8:30-9pm

Katryna and her talented students will present a wonderful evening of ensemble harp music with harp duets, trios and maybe even more!! Experience soothing music to lively and finger snapping melodies. Some local folk songs will also be featured.

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Solo Recitals & Concertos

April 2002 - October 2008
2008 Oct 25 Harp Jazzed, Arts House, Singapore
I-Sis Trio
2008 Oct 24 Concerto! Concerto! Concerto! – Harp Fest Opening Concert, Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore
with Isabelle Moretti (France) and The Philharmonic Orchestra led by Lim Yau
2007 Jun 3 Harp in French Music, Dewan Sri Pinang Auditorium, Malaysia
with PESSOC Orchestra
2008 May 9 Beautiful Moments, Arts House, Singapore
with Natasha Junyan Liu
2008 Mar 2 HARPercussion, Esplanade, Singapore
with Natasha Junyan Liu and Roberto Alvarez
2007 Dec 20, 21 Christmas Concert with Singapore Lyric Opera, Esplanade, Singapore
2007 Dec 14 Pedals & Pipes Christmas Concert, Espalande, Singapore
2007 Oct 14 Harp Recital, Penang, Malaysia
2007 Sept 29 Embassy Series (Singapore Embassy), Washington, USA
Solo Recital
2007 May 13 Carte Blanche Series by Camac Harps, Paris, France
Solo recital: East meets West
2007 March 11 Presentation in HONG KONG HARP FESTIVAL, Hong Kong
2007 Jan 25 Harp Contemporary – evening with Katryna, Esplanade, Singapore
2006 Dec 18,19 Solo performance with King’s College Choir, Esplanade, Singapore
2006 Oct Tai Chi Rhythms with Harp (Mid Autumn Festival), Esplanade, S’pore
2006 Sep 30 Harp Recital: East meets West, Adelaide University, Australia
Recital Presentation at Australia International Harp Festival
2006 Sep 1,2 All About Harps by Katryna Tan (Harp Recital n Workshop), KLPac, M’sia
2005 Jul 27 Water Dance – Harp Solos by Katryna, Victoria Concert Halll, Singapore
2005 May 30 Harp Solo Recital, Sri Cempaka, Malaysia
2004 Dec 5 Soloist with Singapore Chinese Orchestra, S’pore Conference Hall, S’pore
2004 Nov 14 Harp Solo Recital, Government House, Sydney, Australia
2004 Sep 29 A Harp Affair – Harp solo Recital, Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore
2004 Jul 30 Harp Recital at Primavera, Penang, Malaysia
2004 Jun 14 Harp Concerto with Nanyang String Orchestra, Singapore
(Handel Harp Concerto, Debussy Dances)
2004 Mar 5 Rodrigo’s “Concierto de Aranjuez”, Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
with Singapore Armed Force Band
2003 Dec 6 Harp Concert with Georgetown Chamber Orchestra, Penang, Malaysia
2003 Nov 30 Mozart Flute and Harp Concerto, Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore
2003 Nov 27 Harp Solo Recital, Old Parliament House (Art House), Singapore
2003 Nov 8 ASTRO Life: Miss Malaysia International Pageant 2003, Genting Highlands, Malaysia
2003 Aug 23 A Harp Chamber Recital, Esplanade Recital Studio, Singapore
2003 Jun 21, 22 RENDEZVOUS… A Harp Recital by Katryna, Penang, Malaysia
(Part of YTL-Penang Arts Festival 2003)
2003 Jun 1 Harp Concerto with Braddell Heights Orchestra, Victoria Concert Hall, S’pore
2003 Apr 29 Harp Solo (Lunch Box Series), Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
2002 Dec 14, 15 Harp Solo Recital, Seremban, Malaysia
2002 Apr William Mathias Harp Concerto, Uni. of Michigan, USA


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Orchestra & Chamber Orchestra

July 2001 - Current
2002 – Current Singapore Symphony Orchestra (Contract),
Singapore Chinese Orchestra, (Contract),
Singapore Armed Forces (Contract)
2004 Dec 10-15 Sleeping Beauty Ballet with Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Singapore
2004 Aug Evergreen Orchestra, Guest harpist with Taiwan Orchestra
2004 Aug 6 Pedals n Pipes Chamber Concert (with Marc Rochester), Esplanade, S’pore
2003 Dec Macau Orchestra, Guest harpist, Macau
2002 – 2003 New World Symphony, Sublist,. USA
2002 National Orchestral Institute Orchestra, Maryland, USA
2002 Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, Ann Arbor, USA
2002 Contemporary Directions Ensemble,Uni. of Michigan, USA
2000 – 2002 University Symphony Orchestra (Principal), Uni. of Michigan, USA
2001 – 2002 Uni. Symphony Chamber Orchestra, Uni. Of Michigan. USA
2001 Jul-Aug Pacific Music Festival Orchestra, Sapporo, Japan


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