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Swing Shift by I-Sis Trio
UCC Dance Studio, NUS, 15 March 2009, 8pm

NUS ArtsFest 2009

I-Sis Trio breathes new life into classical chamber music with their unique combination of 55 strings, all with three voices of Harp, Violin and Cello. Reputable classical musicians in the music scene, Katryna Tan (Harp), Cindy Yan (Violin) and Natasha Liu (Cello) will ‘shift’ your mindset about chamber music in this century. Performing contemporary music with the influence of past and present time elements like jazz, neo-classical, tango etc. and special commissioned arrangements including works by American composer Michael Duff. I-Sis Trio will show you – music is FUN!

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Admission: $10
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